Heritage Advisory Committee

Meeting #:
Council Chambers, Civic Centre, 2nd Floor
300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 3C1
and Online Video Conference
Members Present
  • Councillor Stephen Dasko, Ward 1
  • Councillor Carolyn Parrish, Ward 5
  • Councillor Brad Butt, Ward 11 (Chair)
  • George Carlson, Citizen Member (Vice-Chair)
  • Chirine Constantini, Citizen Member
  • David Cook, Citizen Member
  • Richard Collins, Citizen Member
  • Alexander Hardy, Citizen Member
  • James Holmes, Citizen Member
  • Antoine Musiol, Citizen Member
  • Terry Ward, Citizen Member
  • Matthew Wilkinson, Citizen Member
  • Lucy Zita, Citizen Member

“We acknowledge the lands which constitute the present-day City of Mississauga as being part of the Treaty and Traditional Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, The Haudenosaunee Confederacy the Huron-Wendat and Wyandotte Nations. We recognize these peoples and their ancestors as peoples who inhabited these lands since time immemorial. The City of Mississauga is home to many global Indigenous Peoples.

As a municipality, the City of Mississauga is actively working towards reconciliation by confronting our past and our present, providing space for Indigenous peoples within their territory, to recognize and uphold their Treaty Rights and to support Indigenous Peoples. We formally recognize the Anishinaabe origins of our name and continue to make Mississauga a safe space for all Indigenous peoples.”

Approved as amended to add item 6.1 (M. Wilkinson)

David Hurst, resident presented on behalf of the Featherston Homeowners outlining concerns regarding the impact of the  proposed development site of the F2 (formerly ACT) building, the preservation of the forest, protection of the Jefferson salamander, increased traffic and noise, and issues pertaining to security and privacy.

Committee members engaged in a discussion regarding the proposed development, legislation, protection of the Jefferson salamander, and concern that the site location would become precedent setting. 

    Moved ByM. Wilkinson

    That the deputation by David Hurst, resident representing the Featherston Homeowners to the Heritage Advisory Committee on September 12, 2023 regarding item 10.1 - 1530 Outer Circle Road, be received for information.


Candace Chang and Sat Brar, residents asked the following question(s) in relation to item 10.1:

  1. What are the city by-laws for construction start and end times during a day and what is the process if these times are not adhered to?
    John Dunlop, Manager, Indigenous Relations, Heritage and Museums advised that the questions were not related to the Heritage Impact Study but advised the residents that the standard noise by-law permits construction from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m with the exception of Sunday and that any violation of this noise by-law should be reported to 311 for investigation by a By-law officer.

  2. What were the results of the traffic study and what day was it conducted? Can we please get a copy?
    Mr. Dunlop advised that this is a site plan and would not require a traffic study.  The study submitted is an access study to show access for emergency services not a typical traffic study and that the City cannot require one for this site plan.

  3. How far will the building be from the fence line of the residents and how far will the public spaces around the building be from the fence line of the residents?
    Mr. Dunlop advised that the building would be 48.4 m from the fence line.

  4. Is the university planning on cutting down any more trees between the new proposed area and the residents?
    Mr. Dunlop advised that the University would not cut down any more tress between the proposed building footprint and local residents and that if more trees are cut down, the City's tree by-law would come into effect requiring permits.  Mr. Dunlop further advised that residents could contact 311 if trees are cut down without permits.

There were no items approved on consent.

There were no reports for Matters to be Considered.

Committee members advised they would like to see the UTM powerpoint and requested that the University attend the Heritage Advisory Committee to explain the impacts on the cultural landscape of the new build.  Committee members also addressed alternative site locations, design options for the building and parking area, and exploring legal options or policies that could be implemented to protect the forested area.

Staff discussed the site plan process, reports that have been submitted and technical requirements that would be met before development.

    Moved ByCouncillor C. Parrish
    1. That the memorandum entitled "1530 Outer Circle Road (Ward 8) from John Dunlop, Manager, Indigenous Relations, Heritage and Museums dated July 28, 2023, be received for information.
    2. That the Heritage Advisory Committee requests that a representative of University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) make a deputation regarding the proposed F2 Building development (formerly the ACT building) to a future Heritage Advisory Committee meeting.
    3. That staff from the City's forestry department attend the Heritage Advisory Committee meeting regarding the preservation of the forest around the proposed F2 building development area. 
    4. That heritage staff consult with legal services to discuss options to preserve the forest around the proposed F2 building development area.

Committee members complimented the restoration work completed on the building and were advised that an interpretive plaque would be installed.

    Moved ByD. Cook

    That the memorandum entitled “Streetsville Kinsmen Senior Citizen Centre Renaming” from Jodi Robillos, Commissioner of Community Services dated August 18, 2023, be received for information. 


Matthew Wilkinson, Citizen Member advised the Committee of the 1812 re-enactments coming back to Bradley Museum on October 14th and 15th and that the 100th anniversary event of Clarke Hall in Port Credit would be held October 21st.

October 10, 2023 at 9:30 AM

(G. Carlson)