Environmental Action Committee

Meeting #:
Council Chambers, Civic Centre, 2nd Floor
300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 3C1
and Online Video Conference
  • Councillor Matt Mahoney, Ward 8 (Chair)
  • Councillor Stephen Dasko, Ward 1 (Vice-chair)
  • Councillor Brad Butt, Ward 11
  • Councillor Alvin Tedjo, Ward 2
  • Prabhjit Banga, Citizen Member
  • Jihan Khatib, Citizen Member
  • Morgan Lee, Citizen Member
  • Karen Pawlowski, Citizen Member
  • Derek Stone, Citizen Member
  • Alice Casselman, Association for Canadian Educational Resources
  • Britt McKee, Ecosource
  • Melanie Kramer, Credit Valley Conservation
  • Jennifer Taves, Partners in Project Green
  • Sophie Zhang, PEYA (Peel Environmental Youth Alliance) Student

City Staff

Dianne Zimmerman, Manager, Environment

Michelle Sanstra, Legislative Coordinator

Councillor Mahoney, Chair called the meeting to order at 9:33 AM.

Councillor Mahoney, Chair cited the Indigenous Land Statement.

That the November 7, 2023 Environmental Action Committee agenda be approved as presented.

Approved (M. Lee)

That the October 3, 2023 Environmental Action Committee Minutes be approved.

Approved (J. Khatib)

Any member of the public interested in making a deputation to an item listed on the agenda
must register by calling 905-615-3200 ext. 5411 or by emailing
michelle.sanstra@mississauga.ca by Monday November 6, 2023 before noon.

Each Deputation to the Committee is limited to speaking no more than 10 minutes. Committees only.

Pursuant to Section 57.1 of the Council Procedure By-law 0044-2022, as amended:

Deputations shall be received and the matter shall be referred to staff for a report, unless
there is a resolution or recommendation passed to “receive” the Deputation. After a
Deputation is completed, Members shall each have one opportunity to make a preamble
statement and ask questions to the Deputant(s) or staff for clarification purposes only, and
without debate.

Eileen Chen, Environmental Initiatives Coordinator & Diane Gibson, Supervisor,Climate Risks spoke to the Reduction of Single-use Items in City Facilities & Operations Policy Overview.

Councillor Mahoney and Committee Members thanked Ms. Chen for her presentation.

Councillor Dasko advised the Committee that Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee which is located in his Ward, utilizes recyclable Ecocups.

Members of the Committee engaged in discussion and enquired about:

  • Communications - signage in City Facilities
  • Education/strategies - interaction with the public
  • Procurement - orders/stock
  • Implementation of new policy
  • Green bin compost/alternatives
  • Single-use handbook access 
  • Surplus asset solution tool and Community Group Registry Program, and;
  • Vending Machines

Ms. Chen and Ms. Gibson responded to the enquires from the Committee.

Dianne Zimmerman, Manager, Environment addressed the timing of the policy, roll-out and initiatives.


    Moved ByDerek Stone
    1. That the deputation and associated  presentation from Eileen Chen, Environmental Initiatives Coordinator & Diane Gibson, Supervisor, Climate Risks regarding Reduction of Single-Use Items in City Facilities & Operations Policy Overview, be received.
    2. That the Environmental Action Committee support the Reduction of Single-use Items in City Facilities & Operations policy.

No members of the public registered to speak.

No items were approved under Consent agenda.

No discussion took place regarding this item.

    Moved ByBritt McKee

    That the 2023-2026 Draft Environmental Action Committee Action Plan, be approved.


No discussion took place regarding this item.

    Moved ByCouncillor Dasko

    That the Environmental Action Committee Work Plan be approved as discussed at the November 7, 2023 EAC meeting.


Councillor Mahoney noted that the EAC meeting time is 9:30 AM and not 6:30 PM as indicated in the memorandum.

Councillor Tedjo enquired about the frequency of meetings. Councillor Mahoney responded  Councillor Tedjo's enquiry. 

    Moved ByMelanie Kramer

Tuesday December 5, 2023 at 9:30 AM

Council Chambers, Civic Centre

and Online Video Conference


9:59 AM (J. Khatib)