Committee of Adjustment

Meeting #:
Online Video Conference
  • Sebastian Patrizio
  • John Page
  • Wajeeha Shahrukh
  • Timothy Rowan
  • Janice Robinson
  • Ken Ellis

Sara Ukaj, Committee of Adjustment Coordinator, Legislative Services
905-615-3200 ext.5507 or 3817


Nathan Tega, Committee of Adjustment Co-op, Legislative Services

905-615-3200 ext.5507 or 8928

PUBLIC MEETING STATEMENT: While some planning matters, such as consent or minor variance applications, do not specifically require that you participate in the process in order to appeal, the OLT has the power to dismiss an appeal without holding a hearing if the appeal is not based on any apparent land use planning grounds and is not made in good faith or is frivolous or vexatious, or is made only for the purpose of delay.


Send written submissions or request notification of future meetings to:

Secretary-Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment, Office of the City Clerk, Attn: Committee of Adjustment Coordinators – 2nd Floor 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, ON, L5B 3C1 or Email: Written submissions must be received by the Friday prior to the hearing.


Requests to speak virtually:

Pre-registration is required to speak virtually (by computer or telephone) at a hearing. Requests can be made by email: or by phone: 905-615-3200 ext.5507 and must be received by the Friday prior to the hearing.If you do not wish to speak, the hearing will be livestreamed here:

4199 Garnetwood Chase (Ward 3) 

10 Sora Dr (Ward 11) 

1617 Birchwood Dr (Ward 2) 

7260 Milano Court (Ward 11) 

1057 Dixie Road (Ward 1) 

3186 Owls Foot Dr (Ward 10) 

723 Lakeshore Rd E (Ward 1) 

3440 Wolfedale Road (Ward 6) 

1176 Tecumseh Park Drive (Ward 2) 

1060 Meyerside Drive (Ward 5)     

263 Lakeshore Rd E (Ward 1) 

2139 Portway Ave (Ward 8) 

2099 Stavebank Road (Ward 7) 

3261 Michaud Ave (Ward 5) 

1639 Lakeshore Rd W (Ward 2) 

5015-5027 Spectrum Way & 5030-5050 Satellite Drive (Ward 5)