Governance Committee

Meeting #:
Online Video Conference
  • Mayor Bonnie Crombie
  • Councillor Karen Ras
  • Councillor Pat Saito
  • Councillor George Carlson
  • Councillor Carolyn Parrish
  • John Magill
  • Sandy Milakovic

Participate Virtually and/or via Telephone
Advance registration is required to participate and/or make a comment in the virtual meeting. Questions for
Public Question Period are required to be provided to Clerk’s staff at least 24 hours in an advance of the
meeting. Any materials you wish to show the Committee during your presentation must be provided as an
attachment to the email. Links to cloud services will not be accepted. Comments submitted will be
considered as public information and entered into public record.

To register, please email and for Residents without access to the internet
via computer, smartphone or tablet, can register by calling Michelle Sanstra at 905-615-3200 ext. 5411 no
later than Thursday September 23, 2021 before 12:00PM. You will be provided with directions on how to
participate from Clerks' staff.



Michelle Sanstra, Legislative Coordinator, Legislative Services

905-615-3200 ext. 5411



Find it Online Meetings of Council streamed live and
archived at


Public Comments: Advance registration is required to participate and/or to make comments in the virtual public meeting. Any member of the public interested in speaking to an item listed on the agenda must register by calling 905-615-3200 ext. 5411 or by emailing by Thursday, September 23, 2021 before 4:00PM.

Pursuant to Section 42 of the Council Procedure By-law 0139-2013, as amended:

The Governance Committee may grant permission to a member of the public to ask a question of GovernanceCommittee, with the following provisions:

  1. Questions shall be submitted to the Clerk at least 24 hours prior to the meeting;
  2. A person is limited to two (2) questions and must pertain specific item on the current agenda and the speaker will state which item the question is related to;
  3. The total public question period time is 15 minutes maximum and shall not be extended by the Chair; and
  4. Any response not provided at the meeting will be provided in the format of written response.