Road Safety Committee

Meeting #:
Council Chambers, Civic Centre, 2nd Floor
300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 3C1
and Online Video Conference
Members Absent
  • Councillor Stephen Dasko, Ward 1 (Chair)
  • Councillor John Kovac, Ward 4
  • Councillor Joe Horneck, Ward 6
  • Councillor Martin Reid, Ward 9
  • Councillor Sue McFadden, Ward 10 (Vice-Chair)
  • Robert Fluney, Citizen Member
  • Anne Marie Hayes, Citizen Member
  • Abdul Mannan Mohammed, Citizen Member
  • David King, Citizen Member
  • Louise Goegan, (MSTSAC Representative)
  • Brant Thompson, Citizen Member
  • Michael Matic, Citizen Member
  • Jo Pierossi, Citizen Member
  • Ibrahim Naqi, Citizen Member

Staff / Agency Representatives Present

Seema Ansari, Technical Analyst, Region of Peel

Matthew Aymar, Analyst, Research & Policy, Public Health, Region of Peel

Thomas Barakat, Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario Good Roads Association

Michael Stewart Government Relations Specialist, CAA 

Max Gill, Supervisor, Road Safety

Colin Patterson, Manager, Traffic Services & Road Safety

Laura Zeglen, Project Leader, Vision Zero

Allyson D'Ovidio, Legislative Coordinator

Councillor Dasko, Chair called the meeting to order at 9:32 AM.

Councillor Dasko, Chair, recited the Indigenous Land Statement.

Approved (Councillor Kovac)

Any member of the public interested in making a deputation to an item listed on the agenda must register by calling 905-615-3200 ext. 8587 or by emailing by Friday, November 17, 2023 before 4:00 PM.

Each Deputation to Committee is limited to speaking not more than 10 minutes.

Pursuant to Section 57.1 of the Council Procedure By-law 0044-2022, as amended:

Deputations shall be received and the matter shall be referred to staff for a report, unless there is a resolution or recommendation passed to “receive” the Deputation. After a Deputation is completed, Members shall each have one opportunity to make a preamble statement and ask questions to the Deputant(s) or staff for clarification purposes only, and without debate.

Mr. Anderson spoke to the subject matter and provided background information. 

    Moved ByCouncillor S. McFadden

    That the deputation and associated presentation by Dan Anderson, Resident regarding the “survey-vote process for speed bumps” to the Road Safety Committee on November 21, 2023 be received.


    Moved ByCouncillor M. Reid

    That the following items were approved on the consent agenda:
    •    11.2 Road Watch Statistics, Peel Regional Police


Councillor Dasko spoke to the Road Watch Program and spoke to how the Committee can help to promote it. Members of the Road Safety Committee engaged in a discussion regarding possible ideas to promote Road Watch, including the following:

  • Pop-up booths at community centres;
  • Education and Enforcement;
  • Increased police;
  • Feasibility of a 3 digit hotline for Road Watch;
  • Feasibility of a quick response (QR) code;
  • #Takethepledge; and
  • Submission of dash camera footage

As a result of discussions, staff were requested to follow up with Peel Regional Police regarding the questions raised. 

    Moved ByI. Naqi

    That the Road Watch Program – List of Potential Events/Tactics on the Road Safety Committee November 21, 2023 meeting agenda be received. 

    Moved ByCouncillor M. Reid

    That the Road Watch Statistics dated November 14, 2023 from Constable Claudia D'Amico, Peel Regional Police, be received.


Item 11.3.1 was added for receipt.

    Moved ByCouncillor M. Reid

    That the Emails from Mississauga Residents in support of the deputation by Dan Anderson, Resident regarding the survey-vote process for speed bumps be received.


10:23 AM (R. Fluney)