Facility Accessibility Design Subcommittee

of the Mississauga Accessibility Advisory Committee

Meeting #:
Online Video Conference
Members Present
  • Clement Lowe, Citizen Member (Chair)
  • Carol-Ann Chafe, Citizen Member
  • Steven Viera, Citizen Member
  • Asim Zaidi, Citizen Member
  • Naz Husain, Citizen Member
  • Moneira Salic, Citizen Member
Staff Present
  • Martha Cameron

Chair requested that everyone present at the meeting introduced themselves. 

“We acknowledge the lands which constitute the present-day City of Mississauga as being part of the Treaty and Traditional Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, The Haudenosaunee Confederacy the Huron-Wendat and Wyandotte Nations. We recognize these peoples and their ancestors as peoples who inhabited these lands since time immemorial. The City of Mississauga is home to many global Indigenous Peoples.

As a municipality, the City of Mississauga is actively working towards reconciliation by confronting our past and our present, providing space for Indigenous peoples within their territory, to recognize and uphold their Treaty Rights and to support Indigenous Peoples. We formally recognize the Anishinaabe origins of our name and continue to make Mississauga a safe space for all Indigenous peoples.”

Approved (A. Zaidi)

There were no questions registered by the public.

Aimee Drmic, Perkins Will Architects discussed with the Subcommittee members the demolition and expansion project which would include a new library, expanded aquatic centre, gym and multi-use rooms.  Renovations would include accessible features such as:

  • sliding entry doors both front, side and library;
  • seating area;
  • pool lift;
  • accessible change rooms with turning radius;
  • accessible gym with elevated walking paths; and
  • accessible reception counter.

The outside of the building would include accessible walking paths, parking to include 8 accessible plus two type C parking spots, reading garden, access to parkland and the splash pad.

Members commented on accessible features meeting the FADS guideline standards and inquired about the number of accessible parking spots and signage and were advised by staff that the accessible parking would be monitored to determine if more spots would be required.

    Moved ByN. Husain

    That the deputation and presentation by Aimee Drmic, Perkins & Will Architects to the Facility Accessibility Design Subcommittee regarding the Redevelopment of South Common Community Centre and Library, be received for information.


Mark Dreidger, ATA Architects presented the renovations to Fire Stations 114 and 115 and advised the Subcommittee that these renovations would include an accessible barrier-free washroom, accessible and visible entrance with turning radius, increased living spaces and dormitory, and parking.

Subcommittee members inquired about public access and alarm types within the building. 

    Moved ByA. Zaidi

    That the deputation and presentation by Mark Dreidger, ATA Architects to the Facility Accessibility Design Subcommittee regarding the Addition and Renovation of Fire Stations 114 and 115, be received for information.


Janette Campbell, Accessibility Specialist provided the Subcommittee with an update on the progress of the Facility Accessibility Design Guidelines review and when it would be brought to the Subcommittee and confirmed to Subcommittee Members that the OBC elements would be included.

Monday, October 30, 2023 at 1:30 PM

(N. Husain)