Budget Committee

Meeting #:
1:30PM (Please note that the meeting will not begin prior to 1:30PM and is subject to the completion of the Council meeting)
Council Chambers, Civic Centre, 2nd Floor
300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 3C1
And Online Video Conference
  • Mayor Bonnie Crombie
  • Councillor Stephen Dasko
  • Councillor Karen Ras
  • Councillor Chris Fonseca
  • Councillor John Kovac
  • Councillor Carolyn Parrish
  • Councillor Ron Starr
  • Councillor Dipika Damerla
  • Councillor Matt Mahoney
  • Councillor Pat Saito
  • Councillor Sue McFadden
  • Councillor George Carlson

Participate Virtually or In Person
Advance registration is required to participate and/or make a comment in the virtual meeting. To register, please email no later than Monday, October 5, 2020 before 4:00 P.M.  Any materials you wish to show the Committee during your presentation must be provided as an attachment to the email. Links to cloud services will not be accepted. You will be provided with directions on how to participate from Clerks' staff. 


Participate Via Telephone
Residents without access to the internet, via computer, smartphone or tablet, can participate and/or make comment in the meeting via telephone. To register, please call Dayna Obaseki at 905-615-3200 ext. 5425 no later than Monday, October 5, 2020 before 4:00PM. You will be provided with directions on how to participate from Clerks' staff. Comments submitted will be considered as public information and entered into public record.


Dayna Obaseki, Legislative Coordinator, Legislative Services
905-615-3200 ext. 5425

Public Comments: 

Advance registration is required to participate in person and/or to make comments in the virtual public meeting. Any member of the public interested in speaking to an item listed on the agenda or interested in attending in person must register at by Monday, October 5, 2020 before 4:00 PM.

Pursuant to Section 42 of the Council Procedure By-law 0139-2013, as amended:

Budget Committee may grant permission to a member of the public to ask a question of Budget Committee, with the following provisions:

  1. The question must pertain to a specific item on the current agenda and the speaker will state which item the question is related to.
  2. A person asking a question shall limit any background explanation to two (2) statements, followed by the question.
  3. The total speaking time shall be five (5) minutes maximum, per speaker.

(Pursuant to Subsection 239(2)(d) of the Municipal Act, 2001)

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